About me
I am a young adult living in the very center of Europe. I decided to share my thoughts about various matters with anyone interested in what i have to say. My interests include linguistics, philosophy, and translation. I am a native speaker of Polish and I feel quite fluent in English, so I occasionally do some translations in these languages. I have graduated from the Philosophy Department at PAP, where I received my BA in anthropology, religion and ethics. I also hold BA in English studies. At present, I’m preparing for MA in linguistics at University of Gdańsk (Poland), which I should complete in July 2008. During my MA courses I got interested in conceptual metaphors, which prompted me to compare the number of metaphorical expressions used in both English and Polish. These interests are closely connected with my current occupation. Apart from studying and doing scientific research, I am a language teacher and a translator. ‘Privately’ I am also interested in cosmology and physics, so you might expect to see here some texts about the origin of the universe and time, other dimensions, and so forth.

I also have a blog where I write reviews of new digital cameras, camcorders, mobiles and other interesting devices. If you are interested in what i have to say click here.